The New Standard

in Water Tanks.

Providing Cleaner

& Safer Water.

What makes Africa Tanks
the strongest tank in the market?

The only 3-layered water tank in Southern Africa

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Inner Layer –
White food grade inner layer that prevents bacteria build up and keeps the water clearer and safer for longer

Middle Layer –
Black anti-bacterial layer that keeps sunlight out and prevents algae growth inside the tank

Outer Layer –
Special ultra violet (UV) resistant outer layer that ensures a durable long lasting tank

Each of our tanks undergoes detailed quality control and testing in accordance with SANS 1731: 2017. This process ensures that it is manufactured to the highest international standards. Our tanks are fitted with a screw-on lid, inlet & outlet plugs and insect proof overflow fitting. The overflow fitting is a UV polypropylene, heat welded stainless steel mesh that prevents leaves, insects and other particles from entering the tank and contaminating the water.